Department of Instrumentation Science

Formerly University Science Instrumentation Center (USIC),
Established in 1980.
Upgraded to the Department of Instrumentation Science in May,2004 as an Academic Department.

Development of instrument, facilitation of instrumentation required for the industries and requisite manpower training are the basic motivation of this department. This department is backed by scientists having expertise in different techniques in plasma technology, bio-technology and materials synthesis with tailored properties and hence microstructure to suit the need of requisite technological applications. In-house infrastructure of this department ensures the expansion of the horizon of imagination of the scientists working in the field of instrumentation. Backed by the excellent manpower and infrastructure, this department has set its mark in frontline areas like: development of sensors and associated instrumentation, synthesizing materials with novel properties for device applications. Apart from the above, this department is associated with industries in India to develop marketable prototypes of some useful gadgets for the industries using toxic gases. Additionally, this department caters the need of industrial houses and research centers by extending the services of several in-house instruments having multi-disciplinary utility. Awareness of the use of current generation analytical instruments is percolated to teachers, scientists,technical personnel from institutions as well as industries through regular training programmes, workshops and refresher courses organized by this department.

Name & address : Department of Instrumentation Science,Jadavpur University,
188, Raja Subodh Chandra Mullick Road,
Jadavpur, Kolkata - 700032.
Telephone No. : +91-33-2414-6321
FAX : +91-33-2413-7121
Built up area : 3500 sq. ft.
Head of the Department : Prof. Radhaballabh Bhar

Faculty Members:

Name Designation Specialization e-mail
Dr. Radhaballabh BharProfessorVacuum Tech.,
Thin Film Tech.,
Analytical Instrumentation
Dr. Manoranjan KhanProfessorPlasma Physics,
Dr. Anup Kr. Ghosh LecturerAnalytical
Instrumentation Biochemistry
Dr. Arun K. PalEmeritus ProfessorMaterials

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