Prof. Bhaskar Gupta

Jadavpur University is an outcome of nationalist movement initiated in the early twentieth century by the intellectuals and thinkers of Bengal. In addition to a rich heritage of the Faculties of Engineering, Arts and Science the University has a large number of Interdisciplinary Schools under Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Law and Management. In the present age, the traditional rigid boundaries of disciplines are removed and the subjects are divided and subdivided into smaller units that cris-cross and mix together to form new interdisciplinary ideas. Close association of members of different faculties has facilitated them to take full advantage of this effect. The untiring effort of the faculty members and staff and enthusiasm of the brightest students have catapulted the University to the top rank in research and teaching in the country.

As the Vice-Chancellor of this University, I am entrusted and committed towards achieving excellence in all our activities by providing easy and accessible leadership for an efficient Management System and to enhance the infrastructural facilities in the University, thereby increasing the efficiency of the University. I am sincere to motivate and rejuvenate every Department, School and Centre of this University to be shining as Outstanding Units of Higher Education.