Photographic Club
The Photographic Club is one of the most active on campus, and has won many laurels, both national and international. It has its own darkrooms, studio and exhibition facilities. Most importantly, it has a full-fledged training programme with qualified trainers. The Club organises intra-club andAll India Inter-Club contests as well as exhibitions. It offer slow-cost photographic facilities. The Jadavpur University Photography Club (JUPC) organized their annual Photography Training course in the months of August-September 2012. As always, it was a popular draw. The JUPC organized a Members' Exhibition, INTRA '13, on 12 and 13 March 2013 in the Gandhi Bhavan lobby. Workshops were conducted by eminent photographers Jayanta Saha and Ujjal Dey for the JUPC members on Human Photography and Street Photography respectively. Besides studio photography has been taught on a regular basis. The JUPC's Annual Event, MONTAGE 2013, was a national contest followed by an exhibition of the selected entries at the Gaganendra Pradarshashala, organized from 1 to 3 February 2013. Almost 1,500 entries came from various parts of the country out of which the 40 best entries were selected by a panel of esteemed judges. There was also a members section consisting of 12 entries from different members of the club. The exhibition witnessed a huge footfall and received a lot of appreciation.
Music Club
Besides conducting competitions and musical programmes, the Music Club organises singing and dance classes. It has an excellent students choir which presents songs and music at important University programmes and ceremonies including the Convocation and the students fests (Sanskriti). The Club has regular programmes on All India Radio and occasionally with Doordarshan. A Jadavpur University Music Club's member, Pramantha Mohun Tagore, participated in the All India Radio Music Competition 2012, playing the sarod, and received the first prize in instrumental music - the President of India's Gold Medal. Pramantha Mohun Tagore also received the Acharya Allauddin Khan Memorial Award from Music Forum Mumbai, Acharya Allauddin Music Circle & ITC-SRA(West) in 2013; in March 2013, he received a Scholarship for Young Artistes awarded by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India. JU Music Club members performed at the Annual Convocation of JU and at the Prof. G.C. Sen Memorial function as in the previous years. The Club members represented JU at the AIU Youth Fest 2012 in various musical events.
Quiz Forum And Debating Society (QFDS)
The Debating Societyhas produced a band of debaters of all-India repute. It organisesinter-department debate and quiz competitions, and occasionallyinter-college programmes as well. The Jadavpur University Quiz Forum and Debating Society organised Qriosity 2012, the Annual Quizzing event of JU, in September 2012 and the programme was a huge success as always. The Debating Society organized the third edition of VoxPop: Freshers in August 2012 over two days, which saw the participation of twenty-four teams from across the faculties and departments of Jadavpur University. The teams faced off in a unique double motion crisscross format on 22 August 2012. The Jadavpur University National Debate, VoxPop 2013, was a three-day debating festival in February 2013 bringing together participants from the best colleges and universities of India. The Online Round was held on Facebook, with the moderators operating from the Digital Library of Jadavpur University. This round saw the participation of 28 teams from across the country. The semi-finals were held with eight qualifying teams competing at four debates based on the American Parliamentary Debate format. The topics covered a wide range of issues, from "PSUs deserve a bail out" to "Same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt kids". The finals, held on 25 February 2013 at Gandhi Bhavan, saw a face-off between the top four teams. The format was modified British Parliamentary Debate, and the house included the "Third Front" selected first-year students of JU. They challenged the speakers and came up with intelligent and witty rebuttals on the motion, "This House believes that the CBI should be accorded Constitutional status".
Film Society
The Jadavpur University Film Society is recognised by the Indian Film Federation. It has its own projection room and library. It organises a number of screenings of famous and award-winning films round the year, as well as an annual film festival over 3-4 days. It also publishes its own journal,'Katha', 'Galpa', 'Chhabi'.
Drama Club
The Drama Club organises theatrical functions at regular intervals. These include formal plays and dance dramas as well as group theatre and street drama. It also conducts drama workshops, and holds exhibitions and poster exhibitions on drama and theatre. It should also be notedthat for the last nine years, students of the Department of English have been staging full-length English plays annually. This revives along-standing tradition of English theatre in that Department. Jadavpur University Drama Club organised UTTARAN 2012, an inter-college theatre festival, in October 2012. The two-day event witnessed an influx of students from various colleges across Kolkata with budding thespians showcasing their talent at the Triguna Sen Auditorium, JU. The Drama Club participated at the Sahara Natya Utsav at Sahara Bhavan in August 2012; it organized four workshops for junior students in 2012-13; and participated at the IIT-KGP Spring Fest 2013, where it qualified for the final rounds.
Art And Literary Society
The Art and Literary Society publishes a magazine, 'Sandhi'. It organises recitation and essay competitions, group discussions, book exhibitions, cultural programmes etc. for the students. The Jadavpur University Art and Literary Society started a new magazine, Clarion, in 2012-13 by the united efforts of the students of all faculties. There were several categories in which entries were invited for the magazine, with a special provision for alumni/ae.
Mountaineering And Hiking Club
  • This is a particularly active club. So far, it has conducted six major Himalayan expeditions, in course of which quite a few students have scaled heights of 20,000 feet and above.
  • Every year, the Club organises rock climbing courses at elementary and basic level, and also arranges trekking expeditions during the Puja vacation.

The Jadavpur University Mountaineering and Hiking Club (JUMHC) conducted a trek to Goecha La, Sikkim, between 10 and 20 June 2012. An expedition to the summit of Mount Yunum (20,070 ft.) was successfully completed by a seven-member JUMHC team on 18 June 2012. JUMHC, with this expedition, is arguably the most consistent high-scaling student body of the country. This expedition is in line with recent success of JUMHC in summiting Spiti Valley Peak (18,000 ft.) , Mt. KR II (21,000 ft.), Pindari Glaciers (11,500 ft.) and Hanuman Tibba (20,000 ft.+). Rock Climbing practice sessions were conducted by JUMHC at Susunia and Mathaburu on 5 occasions in 2012-13.

Painting Club
The Painting Club organises poster exhibitions from time to time on various themes. It also conducts painting workshops for the students.
Science Club
  • For the last 13 years, the Science Club has been organising the annual, Tech-Fair on the University campus. Although the Fair presents all aspects of technology, its underlying purpose is to create a social motivation among the students to develop technology in the interest of the masses.
  • The Club also conducts seminars and organises lectures on scientific subjects and controversies. It publishes its own magazine, 'Anveshan'. It participates in various science fairs.
The Jadavpur University Science Club conducted a four-day training camp in June 2012, aimed at giving hands-on training to schoolchildren on the principles of mechanics, electricity, electro-magnetism, light and other areas of science. The club organized regular sessions on innovative new topics of science and technology and bought many tools for artificial intelligence activities.
Chess Club
The interest of a large body of students led to the formation of this cluba few years ago, but its activities have yet to take off. The Jadavpur University Chess Club's members participated in the AIU Inter-University Chess Tournament; the Mount Gourishankar International Open Tournament held at Charikot, Nepal and got the 11th and 12th positions; Chess Club member Prantik Roy participated in the National B Chess Tournament and Kolkata International Chess Tournament, 2012. The Club conducted regular sessions of chess almost on a daily basis throughout the year.
Environment Groups
The students have formed groups for contributing to the up keep of the campus and protecting the environment. These groups operate under such names as Habitat and Green Club. In addition to campus cleaning programmes, they undertake tree planting and tree labelling activities.
Karate Club
The Karate Club was set up under the aegis of the Ranajoy Karlekar Memorial Centre, which began organising karate and self-defence classes for interested students on campus from 1999. The Club has been functioning successfully for over two years now. In January 2001, it conducted an international karate workshop attended by over 100 participants.