We know that many of our students, coming as they are from poor and lower-middle income group, need some sort of financial assistance to meet their educational expenses. And your University goes a long way in helping the students in this regard.

Concession in Fees: The concession in fees, in terms of full and half free-studentship are awarded to needy students of the day-courses as well as evening courses of Arts and Science Faculty. Undergraduate (day) students of Engineering & Technology Faculty get the same facility.

After due notification by the Dean of Students, application forms are issued at the beginning of the session from the Office of the Dean of Students.

  • Freeship Application Form
  • Freeship Notice
  • List of students awarded Freeship 2021-22
    1. Arts Faculty
    2. Faculty of Engg. & Tech.
    3. Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies Law & Management
    4. Faculty of Science
  • List of students awarded Financial Assistance 2021-22

Endowment Scholarship and Book Grants: Your performances at the Annual Examinations may earn Endowment Scholarship and/or Book Grants for you, irrespective of your financial condition. However, in some cases financial backwardness is one of the criteria to receive Endowment Scholarship and/or Book Grants.

Students Aid Fund: This fund raised by the students from their own contributions and supported by matching grants from the University is disbursed by Students' Union under the chairmanship of any teacher of the faculty among the applicants from students of the Faculty. The amount is not fixed and may vary from person to person depending on their individual need.

  • Application Form (Students Aid Fund)

Concerned Students' Union shall notify from time to time about the collection of such application form. Interested students should be in touch with the Union to avail such facilities.


Following are the list of scholarship (not exhaustive) provided by the Government Departments, State & National, and Agencies. Interested students are requested to visit the concerned websites/ link to see the criteria and date & time of application to avail such facility accordingly.