Notice For Indo-Hungarian Scholarship Programme

UKIERI-UGC Thematic Partnership (MHRD-British Council) Project
The title of project - Sustainable resourcing of platinum-group elements (PGE): studies to understand and locate PGE in chromitites and breccias in India

Education has no boundaries. Transcending the boundaries of international borders, JU has established collaborations on strategic services with various universities all over the world. JU has collaboration programs with -
  • Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
     - Faculty exchange and Human Resource Development in Coastal Zone   Management

  • Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
     - Faculty Exchange and Research on Web based distance education

  • Bolzano University, Italy
     - Exchange programme

  • Brunei University, UK
     - Faculty Exchange & Research

  • Shastri Indo Canadian Foundation
     - Faculty & Student Exchange, Research

  • Staffordshire University, UK (
     - Distance learning programme: MA in sustainable development

  • International Centre for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy Research


Other Special Programs:

  1. Bio Equivalence Centre [Pharm. Tech.]
    Prof. T. K. Pal, Chief Investigator
    Ph: 2414 6967 (D)

  2. Global Change Programme
    Prof. Joyashree Roy, Co-ordinator
    Ph: 2414-6666 Extn. 2345/2389

  3. Chair & Unit for Planning & Development (Planning Board)
    Prof. B Chatterjee
    Ph.: 2414-6600 (D)

  4. Language Courses (Evening)
    Ph: 2457-2943 (O), 2414-6666

  5. Quality Improvement Programme
    Prof. Bijoy Bhattacharya (QIP-JU Cell)
    Ph: 2414-6676 (D)
    Dr. Biswajit Mukherjee (QIP Nodal Cell, Pharmacy)
    Ph: 2414-6677 (D)

  6. Regional Centre, National Afforestation & Eco-Development Board (NAEB)
    Sponsored by Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India
    Prof. (Dr.) Asis Mazumdar, Co-ordinator
    Ph: 2414-6979 (D), 2414-6666 Extn. 2324, Fax: 2414-6886

  7. Regional Test Centre (Solar Thermal)
    Dr S. Neogi, Director
    Ph: 2414-6118 (D), 2414-6666 Extn: 2640

  8. Special Education and HEPSN Cell
    Ph: 2414-6102 (D), 2414-6666 Extn: 2347

  9. SYLFF Programme
    Prof. Joyashree Roy, Director
    Ph: 2414-6666 Extn.2345/2344

  10. Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme
    Prof. Chiranjib Bhattacharya, Dean, FET, Jadavpur University, Coordinator
    Ph: 2414-6154 (D), 2414-6666 Extn: 2556