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The university interacts with industry, research bodies and civil society in the process of curriculum development, revision and implementation. Jadavpur University's outreach programmes and international collaborations are among the best in the country and this helps in receiving feedback from individuals and communities within the country as well as from some of the best research institutions in the world.

Jadavpur University's collaborations have led to a greater diversity of campus activities; international exchange programmes (e.g. SYLFF, Erasmus Mundus) have allowed students, even undergraduates, to spend a semester or two in institutions abroad, thus broadening their intellectual horizons; students of engineering have benefitted through their participation in industry and industrial processes; many international programmes and collaborations (e.g. Global Change, SYLFF) have enabled students to interact with scholars and researchers from countries across the globe; the World Bank-funded TEQIP has allowed the university to improve the quality of its technical education. The primary benefit to the university as a result of these collaborations has been academic; some programmes like TEQIP and SYLFF have also brought in funds and enabled the expansion of services to students and construction of facilities.

Jadavpur University has signed 182 MOUs during the period under review with institutions and other bodies in India and abroad. These MOUs have added significantly to inter-institutional, including foreign, collaboration; facilitated student and faculty exchange; added to the university's knowledge-base; enabled national and international participation in seminars/workshops/symposia/etc.; led to collaborative research projects, among others.

The university-industry interactions has resulted in the establishment/creation of highly specialized laboratories/facilities.