The University has three Students Unions for the three Faculties. The Students Unions have been established to promote corporate life; to foster among the students love and loyalty to the University; to help the growth of closer social and
cultural reactions between teachers and students; and to foster a spirit of co-operative activities among the students, in the interest of closer relations with students of other Universities in India and abroad.
The Union arranges debates and lectures and provides facilities for indoor games and canteens.
The Students Unions, functioning faculty wise, is the most important student body on the campus. It is consulted by the administration on academic and other matters. Every student is, ipso facto, a member of his/her Union and Union Office bearers are directly elected by all students of the faculty.
Teacher Student Committee
Students here are encouraged to help the Departmental Head in academic matters by forwarding their suggestions and enumerating their difficulties. So every department has a Teacher – Student Committee where a young teacher is to work as the Convener. If one has any academic and other problem in and around the class, he/she should first contact the members of that Committee
Students' Representation In University Bodies
Students’ Union and Hostel Boarders have their representation on the important University Bodies like Students’ Welfare Board, Health Board etc. Similarly the Sportsmen have their representation on the Sports Board. One should share the responsibility and not merely criticise. By virtue of the new University guidelines, Students’ representatives have become the full members of the Court and the Executive Council.
Student's Publication : Journals
Each Faculty has a Journal Committee, that is again elected by students. Publications are welcome. If you are really seized with an ‘idea’, give it a written shape in prose or in poetry and then wait to see your name in print.