Student's Health Care
The University Health Centre is located in the campus within easy reach of all the students. It is attended by a full time Medical Superintendent and part time qualified Specialists in General Medicine, Eye, E.N.T.,Skin Dental and Pathology and a qualified part time Lady Doctor. All the Specialists visit the Centre for two hours for three days in a week and the Lady Doctor attends the Centre on all the working days for three hours a day. Visit the Centre and get the Health Card prepared by producing the fee book and a copy of passport size photograph. One may need it at any time. Consultation and Medicines are all free of cost.
Student's Health Home
Consultation at the Home is free of charge and only nominal charges are made for the medicines supplied, investigations and for the hospitalization there. Visit the Home and get your Health Card prepared there by presenting your fee book. Student’s Health Home is situated at Moulali near Sealdah in Central Kolkata.