There are 13 (4 for Girls and 9 for Boys) hostels with provision for accommodating over 1600 students. Efforts are being made for extension of the existing buildings and construction of new buildings for students accommodation.

Hostel Mess is conducted by the Students Mess Committee under the guidance of the Superintendent of the respective hostel. The Main Hostel complex is situated outside the campus.
At the Main Hostel complex and the Ladies Hostel complex and beside Old P.G. Hostel there are private canteens supervised by the Students Committee.

We have an exclusive hostel for Research Scholars.
Process of Enrolment in Hostels
If you need accommodation in a hostel, you are to collect a prescribed application form from the Information Office and submit it to the Office of the Dean of Students duly filled in. At the time of admission in the hostel you are to pay but Rs.3000/- in all, inclusive of Mess Advance. No Caution Deposit is taken. Besides, you are to pay monthly seat rent & electricity charges at the rate of Rs.15/- & Rs.10/- respectively except Research Scholar (R.S.) and M.Phil students who are to pay monthly seat rent including electricity charge is Rs.300/- & Rs.150/- respectively.

The payment for two major meals at the hostel varies from one hostel to another and you are to pay every mess mill according to the bill made by the Student’s Mess Committee. Hostel-boarders are to abide by the hostel rules framed from time to time. It may be noted that for non-payment of mess dues, seat rent or electricity charges, the boardership of the hostel may be cancelled.

Hostel Form is available at Downloads under Admission menu (Admission > Downloads)
Click Here to download Hostel Form
Sl.No Name of Hostel Hostel Superintendent Telephone Detail Capacity Boys / Girls
1 WOMEN HOSTEL-I 1 2457-2511 UG & PG (No. of Rooms- 80) 240 GIRLS
2 WOMEN HOSTEL-II 1 2457-2385 UG & PG (No. of Rooms- 57) 235 GIRLS
3 WOMEN HOSTEL-III 1 2457-3012 UG & PG (No. of Rooms- 45) 87 GIRLS
4 A-1 Block 1 9477142134 UG (No. of Rooms- 58) 187 BOYS
5 A-2 Block 1 9477142134 UG (No. of Rooms- 58) 180 BOYS
6 B Block 1 9477142134 PG (No. of Rooms- 24) 80 BOYS
7 C & D BLOCK 1 9477142134 UG (No. of Rooms- 53) 166 BOYS
8 G.C. SEN MEMORIAL 1 2457-2595 PG (No. of Rooms- 20) 100 BOYS
9 NEW BLOCK HOSTEL 1 2457-2596 UG (No. of Rooms- 28) 60 BOYS
10 OLD PG HOSTEL 1 2457-2597 PG (No. of Rooms- 51) 92 BOYS
11 NEW BOYS HOSTEL 1 2457-3015 PG (NO. of Rooms - 14) 49 BOYS
12 NEW PG CUM RS HOSTEL 1 2457-2594 RS 80 BOYS
13 SALT LAKE CAMPUS HOSTEL 2 2457-6208 UG,PG,RS (No. of Rooms- 251) 260 BOYS
14 SL CAMPUS WOMEN HOSTEL 2 2457-6237 UG & PG (NO. of Rooms -30) 60 GIRLS
Total Accommodation: 1876
For Men Students: 1254
For Women Students: 622