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1:: Executive summary of the report of major research project of University Grants Commission (UGC) entitled Rational Therapy With Glutamine Analogs As Possible Anticancer Agents [Ref. No. 41-747/2012 (SR)] of Prof. Tarun Jha
2:: Executive Summary - Integrated Approach Using RS and GIS Techniques for Mapping of Fluoride Menace in Ground Water in parts of Bankura District, West Bengal. [No. F.41-1045/2012 (SR) Dated 23 JUL, 2012]- PI : Dr. Sisir Kanti Nag
3:: Executive Summary of Final report on UGC Major Research Project - Project title: Acetyl Cholinesterase (AChE) Inhibitors from Indian Spices - Dr. Pulok K. Mukherjee
4:: AICTE EOA report for 2014-15 session - Date: 08-Jun-2014