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1:: Invite for one Consultant Scientist for the project - Evaluation of fracture and fatigue crack growth(FCG) behaviour of Alloy 617 forging materials
2:: Walk in interview for a Project Technician for the project -Evaluation of fracture and fatigue crack growth(FCG) behaviour of Alloy 617 base and welded materials
3:: Walk-in-interview on 05.10.2018 for RA for Project entitled - Fundamental Investigation on the ..... diverse applications
4:: Walk-in-interview on 05.10.2018 for JRF for project - Indian Social Media Sensor: an Indian Social Media Text Mining System for Topic Detection, Topic Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Summarization
5:: Walk-in-interview on 28.09.2018 for SRF for Project entitled - Sound Transmission modeling in Underground Railway System
Due to unavoidable circumstances Walk-in-interview of SRF has to be pre-poned to 11.00. AM instead of 2.00 PM on 28.09.2018

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6:: Walk in interview on 19.09.2018 for Senior Project Adviser for project under National Mission on Advanced Ultra Critical Technology
7:: Walk in interview on 26.09.2018 for JRF for project - Profiling indoor air borne mycoflora of Kolkata and their control by using Mangrove plant extracts
8:: Walk in interview for one Project Fellow under Ministry of Steel project on Friction Stir Welding: Sanction Order 11(20)/GBS/2013-TW No. 13(i)
9:: Walk-in-interview on 03.09.2018 for JRF / RA for project entitled - Synthesis of oligosaccharides and glycoconjugates related to ...... reactions
10:: Walk-in-interview on 25.09.2018 for SRF for project entitled - Lab on Chips for trace detection of arsenic, melamine, heavy ions and in one click diagnostic using SERS
11:: National Fellowship (2018-19) Extension date : 4th September, 2018
12:: Recruitment of one SRF under DST WB project at Electrical Engineer Department, JU
13:: Walk-in-interview on 24.08.2018 for RA/SRF/JRF for project - Development and analysis of supply chain models concerning environmental sustainability
14:: Walk-in-interview on 14.08.2018 for JRF for project - Molecular Recognition and Sensing at the Lipid Bilayer-Water interface and inside the Lipid Membrane
15:: Walk-in-interview on 21.08.2018 for post of RA/SRF/JRF for project entitled - Modelling and Analysis of Stochastic HIV Models with Linear and Nonlinear Incidence
16:: Walk-in-interview on 08.08.2018 for SRF for project - Fabrication and Charactrization of Natural Polysaccharide....Augmenting Wound Healing
17:: Walk-in-interview on 10.08.2018 for JRF for project - Design and synthesis of 2 - aminosugar-based.....reactions
18:: Walk in interview on 23.08.2018 for JRF for project entitled - Basin evolutionary history and Nicrobial Mat Proliferation versus...Karnataka
19:: Walk-in-interview on 20.08.2018 for JRF for project entitled Participatory and Real Time Pollution Monitoring System for Smart City
20:: Postponed Notice - Recruitment of Research Fellows under COE, TEQIP-III
21:: Fellowship (2019-2020) in social science and humanities - SYLFF Programme