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Ph.D. 2002 Biophysical Chemistry, Jadavpur University (CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology)
M.Sc 1995 Chemistry (Physical Chemistry Special), Jadavpur University
B.Sc 1993 Chemistry (Honours), Jadavpur University

Teaching Experience (4)
Name Of The Institution Position Held Period

Jadavpur University Associate Professor 2016 to Till Date
Jadavpur University Assistant Professor 2008 to 2016
Maulana Azad College, Kolkata, WB. Lecturer 2006 to 2008
Raghunathpur College, Purulia, WB. Lecturer 2003 to 2006
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Field of Specialization
Biophysical Chemistry/Physical Chemistry

Carcinogen - Nucleic acid interactions

Studies on the non-covalent binding of ligands to duplex and triplex DNA and RNA

DNA and RNA structure and polymorphism

Photochemistry and photobiology of alkaloids

Enzyme activity and the effect of transcription inhibitor

Small molecule-protein interaction
Courses Taught/Teaching
Under Graduate Science and Engineering Level:

Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Gaseous State, The Liquid state, Kinetic Theory of Gas, Phase Equilibria, Quantum Chemistry, Statistical Mechanics, Electrochemistry.

Post Graduate Science and Engineering Level:

Statistical Thermodynamics, Advanced Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry.
Research Area
My research interests include drug design, studies on the non-covalent interaction of small molecules to DNA, RNA; to understand the molecular specificity, photochemistry and photobiology of alkaloids and related molecules; DNA and RNA polymorphism; thermodynamics of small molecule- macromolecule interaction; Enzyme kinetics and Inhibition of Enzyme catalyzed reactions by small molecules.
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Journal Papers Published (45)
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In-depth investigation of the binding of flavonoid taxifolin with bovine hemoglobin at physiological pH: Spectroscopic and molecular docking studies Spectrochim. Acta Part A. 2020 Chowdhury, S.; Bhuiya, S.; Haque, L.; Das, S. 225-117513
Expulsion of a potent cancer-cell photosensitizer from its micelle-bound state using β-cyclodextrin: A tenable model for efficient drug release Spectrochim. Acta Part A. 2020 Ganguly, A.; Das, S. 224-117411
Metal Ion Sensing Ability and Photophysical Properties of 4-Hydroxy-3-nitroso-2H-chromen-2-one: Interaction Studies with Calf-Thymus DNA. J. Lumin. 2019 Roy, D.; Haque, L.; Das, S.; Chakraborty, A.; Ghosh, R. 206-474-485
Dissipation of Pyrene-based Phenylboronic Acid-anchored Vesicular Self-assemblies: A Motif for Neurotransmitter Recognition Chemistry Select 2019 Mandal, D.; Das, S. 4-1220-1226
Glucose triggered dissolution of phenylboronic acid functionalized cholesterol based niosomal self-assembly for tuneable drug release New J. Chem. 2019 Mandal, D.; Das, S. 43-7855-7865
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Ankur Bikash Pradhan Complete 2019
Lucy Haque 2019
Sutanwi Bhuiya Ongoing
Susmita Chowdhury Ongoing
Nilanjan Chakraborty Ongoing
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Secretary, DNA Society of India
Life Member, Indian Biophysical Society
Life Member, Indian Photo Biology Society
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