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Ph.D. 2009 Jadavpur University (I.A.C.S.)
M.Sc 2002 Calcutta University
B.Sc 2000 Calcutta University (Bethune College)

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Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University Professor 2021, December 23 to Till Date
Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University Associate Professor in Chemistry 2018, December 23 to 2021, December 22
Department of Chemistry, Jadavpur University Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry 2008, December 23  to 2018, December 22
Department of Chemistry, Narasinha Dutt College, Howrah 711101 (Under University of Calcutta) Assistant Professor in Chemistry 2006, December 23 to 2008, December 22
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Field of Specialization
Organic Chemistry/Synthetic Organic chemistry/Synthesis of optically pure potentially bioactive natural and unnatural molecules from chiral pool precursors
Courses Taught/Teaching
Undergraduate Chemistry: Chemistry Honours, Chemistry Subsidiary and Engineering Chemistry
Postgraduate Chemistry: Mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy, chemistry of Natural Products, total syntheses of few alkaloids and terpenoids, medicinal chemistry.
Ph.D. Course Work: Total synthesis
Research Area
Natural products, with their enormous diversity in molecular structure and their possible medicinal use, have been and still are the object of intensive investigations by synthetic organic chemists. Nature yields an enormous variety of chiral compounds among its natural products. Determination of the absolute configuration of chiral molecules is an important step in any field related to chirality, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. The body being chiral selective will interact with each enantiomer by a different pathway to show different pharmacological activity. Thus, one isomer may produce the desired therapeutic activities, while the other may be inactive or, in worst cases, produce undesired effects. Hence each enantiomer of the drug should be studied separately for its pharmacological and metabolic pathways.

Synthetic organic chemists always face a major challenge in the preparation of optically pure chiral compounds. In our laboratory we engross ourselves in the syntheses of potentially bio-active natural products as well as their synthetic analogues in optically pure form starting from commercially available, inexpensive chiral pool precursors like D-(+)-mannitol. Toward this end assignment of absolute configurations to molecules with hitherto unknown absolute stereochemistry is also attempted. Asymmetric synthesis of potentially bioactive molecules from chiral pool precursors has always been an attractive method because of rich source of chirality and abundance of the chiral pool compounds. Carbohydrates are the most prominent members of the chiral pool as they are widely distributed in nature and are vast reservoir of highly functionalized chirality. Enantiomerically pure fragments are derived from carbohydrates and then these can be used as chiral synthons and incorporated directly into the target molecules.
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A general and concise stereodivergent chiral pool approach toward trans-(4S,5R)- and cis-(4R,5R)-5-alkyl-4-methyl-γ-butyrolactones: Syntheses of (+)-trans- and (+)-cis-whisky and cognac lactones from D-(+)-mannitol Carbohydrate Research 2021 Avrajit Manna, Ipsita Chakraborty, Sandip Chatterjee and Tanurima Bhaumik (Corresponding author) 510-108452
Enantiodivergent syntheses of (+)- and (−)-1-(2,6-dimethylphenoxy)propan-2-ol: A way to access (+)- and (−)-mexiletine from D-(+)-mannitol Carbohydrate Research 2020 Avrajit Manna, Sandip Chatterjee, Ipsita Chakraborty and Tanurima Bhaumik (Corresponding author) 487-107892
Chiron approach from D-mannitol to access a diastereomer of the reported structure of an acetogenin, an amide alkaloid and a sex pheromone Carbohydrate Research 2019 Sandip Chatterjee, Avrajit Manna, Ipsita Chakraborty and Tanurima Bhaumik 473-5
Confirmation of the stereochemistry of two naturally occurring epimeric phenylpropanoids via synthesis: elucidation of hitherto unknown full stereostructures Tetrahedron Letters 2019 Ipsita Chakraborty, Sandip Chatterjee, Avrajit Manna and Tanurima Bhaumik 60-1597
A convenient chiron approach to (4R,5R)-5-hydroxyalkylbutan-4-olides and the ....... (4R,5R)-(-)-5-hydroxy-4-decanolide, and (4R,5R)-(-)-7-oxa-5-hydroxy-4-dodecanolide Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 2014 Sandip Chatterjee; Avrajit Manna; Tanurima Bhaumik 25-1624
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Ms. Ipsita Chakraborty Studies toward syntheses of potentially bioactive oxygenated natural products and related molecules Complete 2022
Mr. Avrajit Manna Synthetic investigation on organic molecules related to natural products Complete 2021
Mr. Sandip Chatterjee Synthetic studies on potentially bioactive molecules Complete 2018
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