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Ph.D. 2012 Jadavpur University
M.E. 2005 Jadavpur University
B.Sc 2000 University of Calcutta
B.Tech 2003 University of Calcutta

Teaching Experience (6)
Name Of The Institution Position Held Period

Dept. of Automation and Control Processes, Saint Petersburg State Electrotechnical University LETI, Russia Visiting Professor 2021, November to 2021, December
Jadavpur University Professor 2021, May to Till Date
Jadavpur University Associate Professor 2018, June to 2021, April
Jadavpur University Assistant Professor 2008, April to 2018, June
MCKV Institute of Engineering Lecturer 2006, August to 2008, April
Industrial Experience (0)
Field of Specialization
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image and Video Processing, Computer Vision
Courses Taught/Teaching
Computer Organization (BCSE), Computer Organization and Architecture (MCA), Artificial Intelligence (MCA), Principles of Programming Languages (MTCT), C & C++ Programming Languages (Theory and lab), Numerical Methods (Theory and lab), Computer Graphics (Lab), Basic Electronics (Lab).
Research Area
Document Image Processing, Evolutionary Algorithm, Feature Selection, Medical Image Analysis, Human Action Recognition, Microarray Data, Facial Emotion Recognition, Speaker and Language Identification from Audio Signals, Scene Text Recognition, and Class Imbalance.

UG research team has developed a Python package for Feature Selection using Nature-inspired Optimization Algorithms:
18+ Years
Conference Papers Published (122)
Title of the paper Conference Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

An Ensemble of UNet Frameworks for Lung Nodule Segmentation In: Alikhanov, A., Lyakhov, P., Samoylenko, I. (eds) Current Problems in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and Systems. APAMCS 2022 2023 N. Gautam, A. Basu, D. Kaplun, R. Sarkar vol 702-
Multi-Level Stress Detection using Ensemble Filter-based Feature Selection Method. In: Mahmud, M., Mendoza-Barrera Proceedings of Trends in Electronics and Health Informatics. TEHI 2022. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems 2023 A. Reza, P. K. Singh, M. Mahmud, D. J. Brown, R. Sarkar vol 675-
Moth-Flame Optimization-Based Deep Feature Selection for Cardiovascular Disease Detection Using ECG Signal Handbook of Moth-Flame Optimization Algorithm, 1st Edition, CRC Press, Pages 23 2022 A. Majee, S. Biswas, S. Chatterjee, S. Sen, S. Mirjalili, R. Sarkar eBook ISBN9781003205326-
Addressing Class Imbalance in Semi-supervised Image Segmentation: A Study on Cardiac MRI Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention - MICCAI 2022. MICCAI 2022 2022 H. Basak, S. Ghosal, R. Sarkar vol 13438-
Proceedings of International Conference on Frontiers in Computing and Systems COMSYS-2022 2022 R. Sarkar, S. Pal, S. Basu, D. Plewczynski, D. Bhattacharjee -
Journal Papers Published (229)
Title of the paper Journal of publication Year Role Vol Number-Page Name

Stock Market Prediction using Altruistic Dragonfly Algorithm PLOS ONE 2023 B. Chatterjee, S. Acharya, T. Bhattacharyya, S. Mirjalili, R. Sarkar -
Deep Feature Selection using Adaptive β-Hill Climbing aided Whale Optimization Algorithm for Lung and Colon Cancer Detection Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Elsevier 2023 A. Bhattacharya, B. Saha, S. Chattopadhyay, R. Sarkar Vol. 83-
Late acceptance hill climbing aided chaotic harmony search for feature selection: An empirical analysis on medical data Expert Systems With Applications, Elsevier 2023 A. Naskar, R. Pramanik, S. Hossian, S. Mirjalili, R. Sarkar Vol. 221-
A Modified GNN Architecture with Enhanced Aggregator and Message Passing Functions Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier 2023 D. Sarkar, S. Roy, S. Malakar, R. Sarkar Vo. 122-
Transformer-based deep reverse attention network for multi-sensory human activity recognition Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Elsevier 2023 R. Pramanik, R. Sikdar, R. Sarkar Vol. 122-
Books Published (2)
Book Title Publisher Name Year Role

Feature Selection for Handwritten Word Recognition Using Memetic Algorithm by M. Ghosh, S. Malakar, S. Bhowmik, R. Sarkar, M. Nasipuri Advances in Intelligent Computing, Springer 2019
A Two-stage Approach to Handwritten Indic Script Identification by P. K. Singh, S. Das, R. Sarkar, M. Nasipuri Hybrid Intelligence for Image Analysis and Understanding, Wiley Publishers 2017
Awarded By Award Name Year

USIEF Fulbright-Nehru Post-doc Fellowship (Univ. of Maryland, College Park, USA) 2014
ERASMUS MUNDUS EMMA West Post-doc Fellowship (Univ. of Padova, Italy) [didn't avail] 2013
Ph.D. Thesis Guidance (14)
Name Of The Scholar Title Of The Thesis Co-Superviser Status Year

Sujan Sarkar Deep Learning Approaches for Segmentation and Classification of Skin Cancer Images Ongoing 2023
Shib Sankar Sarkar Modeling of Machine Learning Approaches on Welding Science and Microstructure Recognition Prof. Kalyani Mali, University of Kalyani Complete 2023
Kunal Biswas Personality Traits Prediction using Machine Learning Ongoing 2023
Sourajit Maity Vehicle Detection and Classification using Deep Learning Ongoing 2023
Sk. Mohiuddin A Study on Image and Video Forgery Detection Techniques Dr. Samir Malakar, Asutosh College Ongoing 2022
M.Phil. Thesis Guidance (0)
MASTER Thesis Guidance (31)
Name Of The Scholar Title Of The Thesis Co-Superviser Year

Arpan Chakraborty A Comparative Study of Different YOLO Models for Vehicle Detection 2023
Debam Saha JUIVCDV1: Development of a Still-image based Dataset for Indian Vehicle Classification 2023
Arup Sau Deep Learning based Medical Image Analysis: A Case Study on Lung Cancer Data 2023
Arpita Das An Ensemble of Deep Learning Models for detecting Invasive Ductal Carcinoma from Histopathological Image 2022
Apu Sarkar Blending Of CNN Model with Genetic Algorithm to Recognize Human Activities from Sensor Data 2022
Project Works (6)
Project Title Worked As Funding Agency Amount Duration Period Status

Development of Industrial Open Source IoT Hardware and Open Source Software Product Development Co-Investigator DST, Govt. of India 25,00,000/- 3 Years 2018 to 2021 Complete
Multi-lingual Text Analytics for Camera-based Handheld Devices Principal Investigator DST, Govt. of India 25,96,440/- 3 Years 2017 to 2020 Complete
Character Segmentation for Unconstrained Handwritten Bangla Word Images: An extension to other Matra-based Indic scripts Principal Investigator Departmental Research Project, Jadavpur University Rs. 50,000/- 1 year 2008 to 2009 Complete
Sanketantar Co-Investigator Society for Natural Language Technology Research Rs. 1,20,000/- 6 months 2009, April to 2009, Sept. Complete
An optical recognition system for handwritten Bangla text and its extension to automatic transcription of pre-formatted form documents Co-Investigator PURSE, DST, Govt. of India Rs. 58,05,000/- (Allotted to CSE Dept.) 3 years 2010 to 2013 Complete
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InviteLectures (1)
Title Organised By Venue Year

Feature Selection for Big Data Analytics: Challenges and Trends 22nd International Symposium on Advanced Intelligent Systems (ISIS2021) Online 2021
Membership Of Learned Societies (4)

IEEE Senior Member
IEEE Young Professional Affinity Group (Kolkata Section): Executive Committee Member
IEEE Computer Chapter (Kolkata Section): Executive Committee Member
ACM Member
Orientation/Refresher/QIP CourseAttended/Organized (2)
Program Name Organised By Venue Year

Tutorial Chair: International Conference on Data Electronics and Computing (ICDEC)-2022 NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, India 2022
3rd International Conference on Frontiers in Computing and Systems (COMSYS-2022) IIT Ropar, Punjab, India 2022
Seminar/Conference/Workshop (24)
Program Name Organised By Venue Year Type Of Participation

Faculty Development Program, on Recent Trends in Machine Learning, IoT And Data Science Asansol Engineering College, India 2023 Delivered a lecture
Refresher Course on Data Science and its Application Dept. of CSE and UGC MHRD, JU 2021 Delivered a lecture
AICTE sponsored Phase-II 6-Days STTP Programme- Big Data Analytics Using Soft Computing Tools MCKV Institute of Engineering, Liluah, India 2021 Deliver a lecture
Local Arrangements Chair, ICDCN 2020 Kolkata 2020
Awareness Training on Cyber-physical systems used in Industry 4.0 on AI & Pattern Recognition Ordnance Factories Institute of Learning, Ishapore, Kolkata 2019 Delivered a lecture
Session chaired (10)
Program Name Session Title Organised By Venue Year

3rd International Conference on Frontiers in Computing and Systems (COMSYS-2022) IIT Ropar, Punjab, India 2022
4th International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Communications and Business Analytics (CICBA-2022) Assam University, Silchar, India 2022
International Conference on Data Electronics and Computing (ICDEC)-2022 Session chair for a lecture by Dr. Kishorjit Nongmeikapam, IIIT Manipur NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, India 2022
International Conference on Data Electronics and Computing (ICDEC)-2022 NEHU, Shillong, Meghalaya, India 2022
IEEE CALCON Conference, 2022 Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India 2022
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Member of Centre for Microprocessor Application for Training, Education and Research (CMATER):
Program Officer, National Service Scheme (NSS), JU
Visited PRImA, a research lab in University of Salford, Manchester, UK during 16-22 March, 2014 under TEQIP-II scheme