Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Physical Chemistry Section,
Department of Chemistry,
Jadavpur University, Kolkata - 700032.
West Bengal, India.

43, Vivekananda Nagar,
P.O. - Regent Park, Kolkata - 700040,
West Bengal, India.
PH:2411 9468 (R)
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Ph.D. 1994 I.I.Sc., Bangalore.

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Field of Specialization
Theoretical Chemistry
Statistical Mechanics
Computer Simulation Studies (Molecular Dynamics, Monte Carlo)
Courses Taught/Teaching
Statistical Mechanics (M. Sc. II)
Solid State Chemistry (M. Sc. II)
Computers in Chemistry (M. Sc. II)
Solid State Chemistry (M. Sc. I )
Computers in Chemistry (M. Sc. I)
Introd. to Stat. Thermodynamics(U.G.III)
Introd. to Quantum Mech. (U. G. III)
Intermolecular forces (U. G. III)
Thermodynamics(U.G.(Subs.), B.E.(Subs.)
Research Area
Theoretical and Molecular dynamics simulation studies of nearest neighbor distribution functions for interacting single component and binary fluids.

Molecular Dynamics simulation studies of adsorption and transport properties of molecules at the surfaces, in the bulk and in the confined regions.

Theoretical modeling of kinetics of heterogeneous aggregation and growth processes;

Theoretical formulation and Monte Carlo simulation studies of mono-layer and multi-layer deposition models (particularly for irreversible deposition of macromolecules (linear rod-like models) on 1-D and 2-D lattices using random sequential adsorption (RSA) models).
19 Years of Teaching Physical Chemistry (Since May, 1995)

Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulation techniques.

Operating Systems used: DOS and UNIX. Programming Languages known: FORTRAN
Conference Papers Published (0)
Journal Papers Published (4)
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nth-Nearest Neighbor Distribution Functions of a Binary Fluid Mixture. J. Chemical Sciences 2009 Second Author 121-929
nth-nearest neighbor distribution functions of an interacting fluid from the pair correlation function: A hierarchical approach Phys. Rev. E 2003 First Author 67-041208
Dependence of diffusion properties in zeolites Y and A : a search in the sorbate-interaction parameter space Molecular Physics 1997 First Author 90-889
Random sequential multilayer deposition of different sized k-mers on an one dimensional infinite substrate. J. Chem. Phys. 1993 First Author 99-8897
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