Associate Professor, Department of Material Science and Technology
Jadavpur University, 188, Raja S. C. Mallik Road, Jadavpur, Kolkata - 700032
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Ph.D. Jdavpur University
M.Tech Jadavpur University

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Carbon nanotubes, quantum dots, nanostructures, silicon nanowire, sensor and devices
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Currently doing experimental research work on the synthesis, characterization of carbon nanotubes, organic and inorganic quantum dots, inorganic nanostructures and related hybrids for their possible application in electronic/optoelectronic devices.
Conference Papers Published (15)
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Wettability of Metal Assisted Chemically Etched (MaCE) Grass like Silicon Nanowires IEEE Electron Device Kolkata Conference (2018 IEEE EDKCON) 2018 Shrabani Ghosh, Swaralipi Dey, Biswajit Das, Nirmalya Sankar Das, Sourav Sarkar, Kalyan Kumar Chattopadhyay -
ICONN-2017 ICONN-2017, SRM University 2017 Sourav Sarkar, D Pahari, D.Banerjee, N.S. Das and K.K.Chattopadhyay -
Optical Properties of Chemically Synthesized Amorphous Carbon Nanotube and Cadmium Selenide Quantum Dot Hybrid 2nd international conference 2017 Devices for Integrated Circuit (DevIC) 2017 S. Sarkar, D. Banerjee, D. Pahari and K. K. Chattopadhyay -
The Third Eye 1st International Confernce on VLSI devices, Circuits and Systems 2016, American Scientific Publisher (ASP), Advances in Industrial Engineering and Management 2017 Proteem Ganguly, Shalini Dey, Sayani Nandy, Avirup Basu, Sourav Sarkar DOI:10.7508/aiem.2017.01.005-
Synthesis of Silicon Nanowire and Carbon Quantum Dot Hybrid Nanostructure and Study of Its Photoresponse Property ICCECE 2016 2016 S. Sarkar, D. Banerjee, D. Pahari and K. K. Chattopadhyay -
Journal Papers Published (11)
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Photocatalytic and sonocatalytic dye degradation by sulfur vacancy rich ZnS nanopowder J Nanopart Res 2021 S. Ghosh, M. Samanta, D. Sen, S. Sarkar, S.Sarkar, K.K.Chattopadhyay 23-160
Enhanced electron emission from ternary solid solution-MWCNT hybrid with theoretical validation Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, (Elsevier) 2021 Shrabani Ghosh, Supratim Maity, Ankita Chandra, Bikram Kumar Das, Nripen Besra, Samrat Sarkar, Sourav Sarkar, K.K. Chattopadhyay Volume 127-105674
NIR photodetector based on p-silicon nanowires/n-cadmium sulfide nanoscale junctions Applied Surface Science (Elsevier) 2021 Ankita Chandra, Supratick Giri, Biswajit Das, Shrabani Ghosh, Sourav Sarkar, K.K. Chattopadhyay Volume 548-149256
Synthesis of silicon nanowire and crystalline carbon quantum dots heterostructure and study of photo response and photoluminescence property Materials Letters 2021 S. Sarkar, U. Ray, D. Roy, D. Banerjee, K. K. Chattopadhyay Volume 303-130493
Hexagonal nickel selenide nanoflakes decorated carbon fabric: An efficient binder-free water loving electrode for electrochemical water splitting Solid State Sciences 2021 Shrabani Ghosh, Madhupriya Samanta, Biswajit Das, Supratim Maity, Promita Howli, Sourav Sarkar, K.K. Chattopadhyay Volume 116-106613
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Best paper award in its category at ICONN-2017 2017
The third best student paper award at SAWOP-2015 2015
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Ms. Shrabani Ghosh Ongoing
Mr. Dipayan Roy Ongoing
Ms. Ankita Chandra Ongoing
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Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots and Its Hybrids with other Nanomaterials TEQIP Research Support for faculty Members, Jadavpur University 2017 to 2019 Ongoing
Size Selective Carbon Quantum Dots and its Application to Luminescence and Solar Cell Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) 2019 to 2022 Ongoing
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AICTE sponsored Online QIP-Short term course Department of Ceramic Engineering Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi-221005 Uttar Pradesh, India 2021 Attended
6th International Conference on Nanoscience and nanotechnology SRM University 2021 Attended
FDP on Recent Trends in Project Management Principles in IT Industry TCS at Techno India Salt Lake campus 2017 Participant
Indian National User Program (INUP) Hands on Training on -Nanofabrication Technology Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore 2014
IEEE Authorship Workshop, Kolkata, Jadavpur University 2014
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