General Information
How old is Jadavpur University?
In its present form, it was founded in 24th Decemeber, 1955. Before that the body was known as National Council of Education, Bengal which was formed in 1906.

What is Jadavpur’s mission statement?
To impart the very best of moral, foundational and technical education.

Where can I find more about Jadavpur University itself?
Please check the About Us section

Do you have travel directions to Jadavpur campus?
Please refer to the Campus Map Under About the University section.

Is there a map highlighting the location of the University?
Please refer to the Campus Map Under About the University section.

Who are the officers and deans of Jadavpur University?
Please refer to the University Officials Under People section.

Does Jadavpur have an Annual Report?
Yes, It publishes an annual report incorporating all academic and other achievements in all major sections of the University. Please refer to the Academic Reports Under Academics section

Where information regarding Placement is available for Jadavpur University students?
Please get in touch with Officer of Placement & Training at 2457 - 2234/2634

What is the mailing address of Jadavpur University?
188, Raja S. C. Mullick Road Jadavpur, Calcutta-700032

Where is Jadavpur University?
Kolkata, India

Who is the current Vice Chancellor of Jadavpur University?
Prof. Buddhadeb Sau, Vice-Chancellor (Officiating)

My dream is to go to Jadavpur someday. How can I prepare?
Please read the Admissions sections carefully. And keep surfing. We will put up the necessary guidelines for admissions about 3 months before the admission process begins around July/August.

Are there campus tours for prospective students?
It’s on the making.

Is there any help for students with disabilities?
Permanent disability certificates must be obtained from a competent authority viz., Civil surgeons/ District Chief medical officers of Health / Superintendents of Government Hospitals in the name of Candidates themselves. The original certificate has to be produced for verification at the time of interview, if selected for admission

Are distance-learning courses offered at Jadavpur?
It offers no separate programme as such but the university is planning for distance and Web based courses

What undergraduate degree courses does Jadavpur offer?
Please refer to Courses & Academics section.

How much does Jadavpur cost?
It’s cheap. Very cheap. To an extent it depends on the courses you want to get admitted.

My family doesn’t have much money. Should I even bother applying?
Not at all. Jadavpur University is a government aided autonomous institution, hence highly subsidised. Then there are few reimbursements / aids / fellowships / grants. Please refer the Financial Aids page in Students section.

Do you run any part-time courses for the general public?
Yes, See courses in the respective faculty in Academics, courses & Admission section.

Do you offer any scholarships for undergraduate students?
Yes, please Contact with scholarships section.

Does Jadavpur have executive education or professional enrichment programs?
Yes, See Adult, Continuing Education page in Academic section.

Does Jadavpur have courses for high-school students?

How can I find a reasonably priced hotel room in your area?
Please see look for Jadavpur.

Does Jadavpur rent out dormitory rooms during the summer?
Please contact the Guest House at 2457 - 2318.

Does Jadavpur rent out its conference facilities?
Yes, IT rents out the K. B. Basu Memorial Hall. IT has a Capacity of 250. Please contact the Finance Officer at 2457 - 2278.

I’ve lost touch with one of my Jadavpur classmates. Can you help me find him?
Yes. Please contact with Alumni Association at 2457 - 2261

How can I verify a Jadavpur degree listed on someone’s resume?
Contact with Controller of Examinations (office) at 2457 - 2540/2286.

How do I contact the Alumni Office?
Contact with Alumni Association at 2457 - 2261

Where can I learn more about Jadavpur’s history?
Please refer to the History page in the About Us section.

How can I find out what’s in your library collections?
Please refer to the Library section.