Jadavpur University Day Care Centre (JUDCC) for the children of teachers, officers, non-teaching staff, research scholars and regular full-time students of Jadavpur University is going to be inaugurated on September 1, 2011. The Centre is located at the ground floor of the Multistoried building in the residential area of the university’s main campus. JUDCC is a joint venture between Jadavpur University and ‘MAMTA’, an organization running a day-care centre for children in the Deshapriya Park area of Kolkata. According to the legal agreement approved by the Executive Council of the University and signed by both parties, Jadavpur University will provide the basic infrastructure for running the Centre and ‘MAMTA’ will be responsible for day-to-day management of the Centre.

The objectives for establishing a Day Care Centre at the University
The main objective is to provide the teachers, officers, non-teaching staff, research scholars and regular full-time students of Jadavpur University the facility of keeping their children under good care during the day time right inside the university campus. The members of the University community have long demanded establishment of a Day Care Centre in the campus so that they can work with peace of mind and can access their children quickly in case of emergency. Apart from taking good care of the enrolled children, one of the key objectives of the Centre is also to involve the children in various extra-curricular activities.

Facilities to be provided at the Day Care Centre

1) The premises: A newly renovated and fully furnished apartment having three big rooms, one dining space, one kitchen, two toilets and one balcony.
2) A small play area for children with fencing in front of the Centre.
3) Furniture and accessories including refrigerator, microwave oven, water purifier, music system and all other necessary items.   
4) An experienced centre coordinator along with trained ayahs.
5) Basic medical services to the wards and staff of the Centre by the JU Health Centre, if such need arises at the Centre during working hours.
6) Counseling of wards by trained counselors if required.


Monday to Friday: 9 am to 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am to 3 pm
Sundays and all University holidays
Minimum age:
1 year
Rs.1000 as Admission Fee and Rs.1000 as Monthly Fee will be collected per ward.

A session charge of Rs.100/- per ward is to be given once in a year.
An additional monthly charge of Rs.200 will be charged for bathing the ward. (The Centre, generally, will not take the responsibility of bathing the ward.)
Casual enrolment will be charged at Rs.100 per day per ward.
On a Saturday, if the ward is kept at the Centre beyond 3 pm, Rs.50 extra will be charged per hour until 5 pm.
Fees will have to be paid for the current month between 1st and 10th of a month.

Other important rules 
a) Guardians will be required to send food along with the child in proper containers. The child’s name has to be embossed on each container. Food will be heated if required, but no food will be cooked at the Centre.
b) Guardians’ queries on phone will be attended during working hours at the convenience of the Centre.
c) A ward will be handed over only to the Guardian or a person officially nominated by the Guardian for taking the child from the Centre.

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